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Chefs You Should Know About

Every Week We Will Feature A Chef That We At ThatBrittGirl Think You Should Know About. 
Interviews Will Air On ThatBrittGirl IG and Youtube Page.

Chefs You Need To Know: About
Fried Chicken Wings

Meet Chef Sophia

Sophia “Soph” Hall was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. At the young age of 5, she realized that she had a passion for cooking. She watched her mother cook every chance she got. She enjoyed learning how to cook with her hands and from the heart. Sophia enjoys cooking everything, but her favorite dishes to cook are seafood, steak, crab cakes and southern style cuisines. Sophia likes taking on a challenge in the kitchen by creating masterpieces and putting her own twist on traditional dishes. Sophia enjoys cooking and selling her dishes, so others can get a little “taste of heaven” She hopes to one day own her own soul food restaurant and is already working towards her goal by catering various events.
Sophia has an extensive knowledge and experience in the catering department. She held a job in the catering department. She’s catered various events including weddings, baptisms, birthdays, prom, retirement parties etc. Sophia has catered small events from (10 people) and large events (150 people).
Try out her specialty dishes that people rave about. This dishes include potato salad, seafood salad, fried fish and finally..fried chicken. Thanks to Sophia’s mother, who has been so influential to her and her greatest teacher. Sophia’s mother left her with priceless skills that help shape the remarkable Chef Sophia that she is today.
Please check Chef Sophia on IG @ chefsophysoph.
You won’t be disappointment.

Chefs You Need To Know: Welcome
Ice Cream Sandwich

Meet Chef Kristen

Luv-N-Cakes, LLC is a Baltimore based, specialty bakery owned and operated by Kristen Spencer.

Kristen has always had a love for baking. She used to bake and cook with her grandmother every Sunday after church growing up. It was something she looked forward to every week. Her mother started making fun birthday cakes for her little sister and her friends started asking for them. She started to help her. She began to learn different techniques by trial and error and continued to perfect the craft. After taking a "special" cake to a family cookout one summer and the requests literally started flooding in. 

After helping her mom with all of the orders, Kristen realized it was something she likes that she truly loves to do. From there Luv-N-Cakes was born.  Seeing the reactions and excitement from kids to their birthday cakes, expectant moms to their baby shower cakes , brides to their wedding cakes, etc gets her every time. It makes her happy to make others happy, while doing something she truly enjoys. She really does put "luv" into everything she bake. It reminds her of those days baking with her grandmother!

Luv-N-Cakes, is now so much more than cakes. They offer cupcakes, cookies, puddings, pies, cobblers, etc.. Whatever the occasion is, if you're looking for desserts for your special day that not only look good, but remind you of grandmas baking, Luv-N-Cakes cakes is the place to go!

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
Table Setting

Chef Triple D

To some he's Coach D, to some he's Mr. Derrick and to others he's Chef D.

 If you ask Chef D who he is he’ll say he's “an unfinished man who is looking to build a legacy for his children”.

Baltimore born and raised, many would think Chef Triple D has it “made”. Chef Triple D would tell you “this is just the beginning”.  The dream of being a Chef has been in him since middle school. Upon graduating high school he wanted to pursue his dream of cooking, but realized that he couldn't both play football and cook. Derrick chose to go for football. Life took a turn and cause the dream of football to be derailed, so for years he work many different jobs to take care of his family.

After losing his oldest child to Leukemia in 2016, Derrick started to approach life in a different aspect. As long as he is alive, everything is still on the table. After a firm evaluation of self it was simple and clear; the decision was to pursue FOOD.

 In 2018 he finally, got over his fears of failure and applied to attend Stratford University in Downtown Baltimore. He realized that it would only take 2 years to get him to his long time goal. The Culinary Arts Degree was just 2 years away.

As time passed and he continued to commit himself to his goal of graduating, he noticed graduation was staring him right in the face. The most rewarding part of graduating was that his biggest push being the loss of his son, Chef Triple D was able to graduate on what would have been his son's 17th Birthday.

Now Chef Triple D, is now the Executive Chef for “The Movement Team”, which is a Non-profit Organization in Baltimore City. In addition, Chef D teaches cooking classes for “The Child First Authority's” after school program.

Today, Chef Triple D stands as a man who is a firm believer in God. He believes that if it is in Allah's will all things are possible; that things might not happen when or how you want but they will happen when they are meant to.

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
Food Service

Chef J Scott

Entrepreneur/Professional Licensed Chef, born Jerome Robinson Scott (Scorpio) to mother Cindy Berry and father William J. Scott; Jerome attended Frankford High School where he met Chef Wilma Stephenson and was introduced to his gift of setting his goal to become a Professional Licensed Chef. While attending Frankford High School, Jerome participated in a cookoff, receiving the chance to compete in “Best Teen Chef of Philadelphia” at the age of 16.

Visiting his family in the summers in the early 90’s and the new era 2000’s during school break in Atlanta, Georgia, Chef J. Scott,
as he is currently known, was able at an early age to determine where he wanted to reside and develop his career. That would be the ATL!

Immediately after graduating from high school, Jerome attended the Art Institute of Atlanta on a full scholarship from C-CAP, Dr. Richard Grausman his sponsor for Culinary Arts. Prior to receiving the full scholarship, Jerome appeared in “Pressure Cooker” a movie based on urban teens determined to become successful and make a career in the Culinary Arts industry.

As Jerome continues to successfully progress as an entrepreneur in the Culinary Arts industry, one of his goals is to cook on television either participating on a cooking reality show or cooking for a celebrity for enjoyment to display his talents. Jerome gives his thanks to his Grandfather John Berry, Sr. “Pop” for being responsible for the respectable and well groomed man that he is today.

Jerome Scott is currently a bachelor, residing and working in the metro Atlanta area. Chef J. Scott is promoting himself stating, “try my style of cooking” hire me Chef J. Scott for a day as your own personal Chef.

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
Image by aurora.kreativ

Chef Jerrell

I’m Chef Jerrell but everybody knows me as Chef Jay. I always loved cooking. I always enjoyed watching my mom and grandmother “throw down” in the kitchen. Watching how everyone became excited and always complimenting their cooking gave me the drive and passion I have for food.
Born and raised in Miami, you have so many styles and ethnicities. Because of the diversity in Miami I became eager to learn more. I jumped head first into the culinary industry and haven’t looked back. I started as a cook at many different jobs and then build my way up to earn the title chef. Many years after started my own catering business “Style n Grace Catering”! 6 years strong we have many different outlets and branches which one of my favorite is “The Chef Jay Experience “. “The Chef Jay Experience consists of brunches and private dinners where everything is cooked live in front of you with interacting as well!

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
Tempura Vegetables

Vegan Mechanic

The Vegan Mechanic is a plant based cook who makes adopting a vegan diet simple. His goal is to take the fear out of transitioning to a plant based diet.  Most meals made use very low ingredients but taste amazing.

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
Broccoli Salad

Chef Carl

 I'm a Baltimore International School graduate. I've been cooking professionally for 10 years, but I've been in the kitchen since I was a young man. My foundation and love of cooking was curated in the kitchen with my grandma and my mom. I elevated their traditional techniques and added my own creative flair.

I like to say I don't prepare soul food but food with a lot of soul. I specialize in the "Cuisine of Love". I use my culinary skill as an edible expression of love. I cater parties and intimate dinners. During the pandemic I had a rise in private dining and personal chef inquire; this how I survived and actually grew. 

Currently I'm setting up some events in July, where you can enjoy my cuisine paired with wine and smooth jazz music. This is called The Taste Trap.

IG - DaChef83

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
Indian Chicken Curry

Chef Malvika

I am a home chef based out of New Delhi, capital of India. I am professionally a team lead in a digital marketing firm. I have experience in the banking industry.
India is a country with an amalgamation of different cuisines and culture. From street food of North India to the humble idli of south. From the Dhokla of west India to amazing sweets of east, I will take you on a journey of Indian flavours through the recipes I put on my insta profile and blog. 
Insta handle: indianchef.home.

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
Healthy Eating

Chef Dev

Chef Dev was born and raised in east Baltimore. Chef Dev started cooking at the age of 21. His first restaurant job was at Bubba Gump Shrimp company. 

Story behind it...

I actually went to this interview to become a dishwasher, but managed to talk my way into a line cook position. I started off in at the pantry station. The pantry station in most restaurant settings is where you prepare soups, salads and desserts. 

I’m a father of 5 children; I started cooking because I needed a job. Cooking wasn’t a passion of mine because majority of my life I was told to stay away from the profession. My father is an executive chef, with over 30 years of experience. Over the last 5 years I’ve developed an unique skill set by mastering multiple cuisines. 

Over the last 2 years I’ve owed and operated ChevDevsCatering.,LLC

In the past 2 years I’ve catered over 20 events from weddings, birthdays, brunches and many more. There’s no event to big nor to small. 

Chefs You Need To Know: Image

Chef Ania

Being born and raised in Baltimore, MD you never really know how you’re going to make it you just know that you have to. I’ve worked in almost every field I could think of but a life in culinary arts seemed like just a dream.  At age 11 I took an interest in cooking. My great grandmother who was from Greensboro, North Carolina taught me how to snap fresh green beans, pick greens and bake cornbread. My mom taught me to fry chicken, cook a mean steak, and cook lobster. So I had a pretty wide range at a young age. At 14 I made a full thanksgiving spread with instruction from my mom. After that it just all flowed naturally. After working in so many fields at age 30 I decided to take it into serious consideration. In early 2019 I enrolled in a catering program through the Maryland food bank. I graduated in April 2019 then started ReddCloud Catering & Cocktails Llc in May. I began my catering career. I catered with a group of chefs for Preakness ‘19 and Moonrise festival ‘19 as well. 2019 seemed to be my year. Moving into 2020 I had the same expectations but things took a major halt when COVID struck. I almost lost hope for my business but I did my best to remain optimistic. My Bartending background landed me a job at a local lounge called Seven4Eight Restaurant and Lounge in June when the county started opening back up. I also picked up different catering jobs over the time and landed a spot at The Taste Of Baltimore in September. By October of 2020 I came from behind the bar at the lounge & went straight to the kitchen. At 33 years old I became the executive chef of my very first kitchen. I couldn’t believe it. I was able to create my own menu & granted full creative freedom. From the end of October up until now we here at Seven4Eight have made a new name for ourselves in Baltimore. Already known for its nightlife we hit the city hard with the ReddCloud flavor. I handpicked a team of ambitious young chefs and they’ve been working harder than you could ever imagine. This is just the beginning for us! Not only for Seven4Eight but for ReddCloud Catering and Cocktails Llc. Expansion and abundance are in store for all of us here at 748. Hence the symbolism behind the name. 

“Angel Number 748 indicates personal power, integrity, attaining and achieving goals,manifesting positive abundance and prosperity, and a love of humanity. Angel Number 748 encourages you to create a plan and list your short and long-term goals, then find a strategy to achieve them

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
Street Food

Chef Kami

My name is Kamilah Shipp aka Chef Kami. I have been in the industry for 20 plus years. I graduated from LA Cordon Bleu in 2015. I have 4 kids and moved to Atlanta 8 years ago. My brother, Chef Carl Shipp is my biggest inspiration. I have a catering business called “BOSS QUEENS KITCHEN”.  My inspiration behind this business is the women in the food industry. A lot of what is taught in this industry is learnt from women.   Us QUEENS are everything.  I want to create an atmosphere where men and women can grow in the cooking industry and learn from one another.   I work alongside another chef, her name is Chef Ebb. Chef Ebb owns a company called “Dipped in BBQ”; and together we are “2 QUEENS catering”.  I have a passion for creating excellent meals and the biggest reward is when my customers are completely satisfied with their food.

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
Baked Potatoes

Chef Ju'Von

It all started when Chef Ju'von could smell those onions caramelizing... 

With a southern background of Greenville, SC- born and raised in New York.  Award-Winning Celebrity Chef and owner of Chef Ju'von's Personal Chef Services, is thrilled to give back by way of sharing Kidney Failure Awareness in which he is a product of what we call "A Miracle in God's Eye" of a successful Kidney Transplant 13 years and is now medicine free 5 years.  Chef's abstract spin on food comes from various cultures and ethnic backgrounds. 

Not only is Chef Ju'von an Award-Winning Celebrity Chef of the Year, he has worked with many celebrities such as Rick Ross, RnB sensation Bad Boy Total, Erica Mena (Love & Hip Hop), Duchess (VH1's Black Ink), retired NFL player Corey Graham, some of the NBA players in the Bubble like Kyle Kuzma, JaVale Mcgee, and in Orlando Laron Profit who has fast to become a mentor, but just to name a few. Chef has also been seen on the Michael Colyar Morning show, WKMG-TV News 6 and WFTV News 9 in Orlando, just to name a few.

Chef is fast becoming a household brand Personal Chef that will cater to you and your guest needs with excellence and expertise in the privacy of your own home. Chef trained in The New York National Guard Challenge Program but more from Google University and Youtube Community College.

Chef Ju'von Personal Chef Services specializes in Fine Dining. Some of their favorite dishes that has become highly suggested and requested is Braised Rack of Lamb with a Port & Berry reduction in which he is planning vastly to bottle up. Also, Jerk Shrimp and Grits in which was just featured in Edible Orlando, and for dessert which seems to be the star of the evening is his spin on Flambe Banana Foster with edible 24k. gold. You can see most of Chef's team putting out some fires on his social media with now of which is his signature, Flambe Dinners Served with Excellence.

Chefs You Need To Know: Welcome
Glass Fireplace

Chef Benjamin

Chef Benjamin Leggitte is a Private Chef/ Celebrity Chef/Entrepreneur and Business Owner of the Chef Benjamin Brand, LLC in Dallas,TX. He has been in the culinary industry for over 10 years, and has worked as a Chef for many Major companies in the USA such as Norwegian Cruise Lines in Honolulu,Hi , the Oasis at Death Valley in California ( a 4 diamond resort),The Hilton Hotel in Dallas,TX. One of his highest achievements in the culinary industry is working for Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas. In 2020 Chef Benjamin started his own Private Chef company during the COVID-19 pandemic, and has become one of the most top rated Private Chefs in Dallas,TX!

Chefs You Need To Know: Image
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