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Let's Cut It Short

Updated: May 27, 2021

Hey My Fellow "Foodies"!!

Let's Dive Right Into This Foodcussion....The Knife And His Many Cuts.

Believe It Or Not Selecting The Correct Knife Is Just As Important As Selecting Your Ingredients. Utilizing The Correct Knife Cuts Could Make Or Break Your Dish.

You Made A Steak. She's Pretty. You've Seasoned Her, So You Know She Taste Good, You've Cooked Her To Your Liking, You've Let Baby Girl Rest (Because She's Had A Long Day)... And You Are Ready To Cut Her. She Wants It...Trust Me. But You Ruin The Date By Picking Up A Bread Knife (Check Please)! You Could Go With The Traditional Steak Knife. I Prefer A Straight Clean Cut Knife With No Ridges. Don't Ruin Your Dish By Bringing The Wrong Knife To The Party.

Knife Cuts Are Important; You Want To Select The Correct One. You May Want To Mince An Onion So It Could Blend Into A Soup. Maybe You Want To Hide Some Vegetables From Your Child That Doesn't Seem To Want To Eat Anything Green. Which Is Fine, Gracie Won't Eat Spinach. I'm Fighting This Fight With You.

Thinly.Finely. Chopped. Minced Veggies Would Be Your Go To. Maybe You Want To Make A Stir- Fry. You May Want To Add Some Bright Red Sweet Peppers And Carrots. Julienne Cuts Would Be Ideal. They Are Long Strips, Similar To Match Sticks.

Try To Keep All Of Your Cuts The Same. Don't Stress About It. We Aren't Surgeons. And If A Surgeon Is Reading This We Expect The Best Knife Cuts From You. However, It Is Important To At Least Try To Make Similar Knife Cuts. You're Running The Risk Of Your Ingredients Cooking Differently.

If You Have A Pepper That Is Chunky And One That Is Thinly Minced. The Chunky One Will Have A Bite And The Thinly Minced Will Have A More Softer Texture. Make Sense?

Take Sometime And Plan What Knife And What Knife Cuts You Want To Use.

Please Check The Video Out On My Instagram Page That Is Associated With This Article @that.brittgirl.

I‘ll Eat With You Later. Peace

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