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You Can’t Sit With Us

Updated: Mar 7, 2022

Hey My Fellow “Foodies”!! Let’s Jump Right Into This One!

Do You Have Two Different Group Of Friends? One Group You Maybe Able To Go Out To The Bars With And The Other Group You Guys May Meet Up At A Symphony. Fruits And Veggies Are The Same. They Can’t All Hang Out Together.

Why You Ask?

Fruits And Veggies Release A Gas Called Ethylene Which Causes Them To Ripe. Some Fruits And Veggies Are A Little More Sensitive And Fragile Than Others Hence The Reason They Can Not Be Stored Incorrectly.

Have You Ever Said To Yourself “Darn that Veggie Spoiled Kind Of Quick”! There’s A Chance You Played A Part In His Termination By Simply Not Storing Him Correctly Or Sitting Him Next To Someone He Doesn’t Get Along With.

My Rule Of Thumb Is Storing My Food The Same Way I See It In The Market. If The Tomatoes Are Left Out And Room Temperature I Say “Ok You Can Go On The Counter” BUT If I Pick Up A Scallion And It’s Cold And Damp, I’m Going To Put Her In The Fridge.

Needless To Say A Quick Google Search To See If Apples And Bananas Can Hang Out Together (Which I Don’t Recommend) Could Save You Some Extra Bucks.

Here’s A Link That I Found That Will Give You A Complete Run Down Of The Do‘s And Dont’s.

I’ll Eat With You Later. Peace

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