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Diet vs CoViD-23

Hey Foodies!!! Let's Roll Right Into This One!!

I'm Writing This Article While In Bed. (FYI This Article Was Drafted Weeks Prior To Release). I Have A Dirty Cough, A Headache (That's Out Of This World), Sore Throat, Shortness Of Breath And The List Goes On And On.

Covid has Brought It's Dirt....Ummmm ...Back Around.

This Isn't My First Showdown With Covid, But This Time I Have A Few Questions.

Can Your Diet Prevent Illnesses?

Does Your Diet During Your Illness Play A Role In Your Recovery Time?

Are There Certain Foods That Speed Up Recovery?

To Answer That Question We Would Need To Unpack The Idea That Your Diet Contributes To Illnesses. Do You Believe That? If You Believe That Your Diet Contributes To Illnesses Then You Would Have To Believe That Your Diet Can Heal And Prevent Illnesses.


Do You Believe That Your Health Is Genetic? Bad Health Is Passed On From Generation To Generation. When You Think Of Things Like Cholesterol This View Point Could Be True.

My First Run In With Covid I Had a "Go To Fruit". (Drumroll Please) Pineapples. Yeah I Know Right! I'm Standing On This!! Pineapples Help With The Recovery Of Covid. When You Look At The Benefits Of Pineapples You Will Find That Pineapples Have A Lot Of Health Benefits (Look Them Up For Yourself I Cant Do Everything For You). But What If I Ate Pineapples Everyday And I Ate Vegetables With Every Meal Does That Mean That I Could Avoid Illness?

Research Shows That People With Asthma (Like ME!) Or Any Prolonged Health Issue Will Get The Worst Version Of Covid. And I Did!! I Dont Think Eating A Carrot A Day Could Change Me Having Asthma..BUT.... Anything Is Possible. There Are Some Foodies That Believe Your Diet Can Cure Asthma. And It Very Well Maybe Possible. When We Look At More Severe Health Issues, I Could See How Your Diet Could Have A Direct Link To Your Recovery. Do You? If You're Already Not In The Best Shape, Do You Really Need A Virus That Attacks Every Working Organ In Your Body?

So What Are You Saying Chanel!!

To Be Honest, I Believe Life Is What You Make It. And That Goes For Illness Too. When I Thought I Was Sick I Felt Sick. When I Saw Light At The End Of The Tunnel...Guess What....There Was Light At The End Of The Tunnel. We Will Probably Find Out In 20 Years The Real Effects Of Covid, Because Right Now We Really Dont Have A Clue. Eat Right. Treat Your Body Right. We Aren't Here For A Long Time...So Have A Good Time.

Happy New Year! Happy Valentine's Day (my favorite holiday) I'll Eat With You Later. Peace

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