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Don’t Be A Crabby Patty

Updated: Jul 31, 2021

Hey Foodies!!! Lets Claw Right Into This One!!

Seafood!!! What The Hell Is Up With These Seafood Prices??

I‘m From Baltimore. So If You Know You Know. If You Don’t Know, You Better Ask Ya Momma. We Are The Seafood Capital!! Crabs...I Said Crabs! It’s Our Life. Its Our Culture. It’s Our Way!!!

But These Prices! Why Are Crab Prices Sky High?? It Doesn’t Seem Like There Is An End In Sight. Some Restaurants Have Completely Taken Crab Dishes Off Their Menu. Crab Cakes Are Ranging Anywhere From $19-$46.

Why The Inflation??? I’m Glad You Asked. Some Sources State The Weather In The Gulf Coast. Some Say It’s A Shortage Of Waterman. This Is The Reason I Plan To Roll With... There‘s A Shortage Of Crabs. Some Skilled Waterman State They’re Lucky If They Catch A Bushel Of Crabs A Day! What We Paid For A Bushel Of Crabs Last Season Will Only Get Us A Dozen Crabs Today.

I Say All This To Say This...I Know Some Of Us Are Confused About The Price Increase. It Leads Some Us To Believe That Some Restaurants Are Getting Over On Us...And In Most Cases They Aren't. Many Restaurants Are Having A Hard Time Adjusting Their Menus To Fit The Seafood Demand. I Don’t Know How Long We Will Experience A Food Shortage, I Just Know We’re In One.

Foodies Don’t Ignore The Warning Signs That Are Around You. Food Is A Necessity And There’s A Shortage. Not Just Crabs.

I’ll Eat With You Later. Peace

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