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Ghost Kitchens

Hey Foodies!! Let Skate Right Into This One.

The Food Industry Is Constantly Changing... Well Every Industry For That Matter. There's A New Trend Floating Around The Food Community Called "Ghost Kitchens". Sounds Kind Of Spooky. Right :)

So What Is A Ghost Kitchen? I'm So Glad You Asked. Ghost Kitchens Are Locations Where Virtual Restaurant Owners Sell And Distribute Food. They Mainly Rely On Third Party Apps Like Grubhub And DoorDash For Delivery. The Restaurant Is Virtual With No Storefront. A Ghost Kitchen Only Purpose Is Carryout or Delivery. Ghost Kitchens Fill Many Multiple Food Orders At One Location.

One Of the Main Benefits Of Using A Ghost Kitchen Is Cutting Overhead. No Waiters/ Servers, No Seating Cost, Huge Reduction In Labor Cost, Your Reaching A Bigger Audience Virtually, No Parking Wars, Cut Upfront Cost And They Take Less Time To Launch. Many Big Chain Restaurants Use Ghost Kitchens. Surprised? I Was Too.

One Of The Cons Of Using A Ghost Kitchens Is The High Probability Of Mistakes During The Ordering And Delivery Process. The Restaurant Isn't Actually Interacting With The Customer. All Of The Customers Information Is Housed In A Third Party App. In Addition, When Working With A Third Party You Lose Control Over Your Customers Experience. Food May Have Been Great, But How Was The Delivery Driver?

I'm Going To Follow This Trend. I Think Any Opportunity To Grow As A Food Community Is Worth A Try. Let Me Know If You've Tried A Ghost Kitchen And What Your Experience Was.

I'll Eat With You Later. Peace

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