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How To Pick The Right Chef

Hey Foodies!! Let's Jump Right Into This One.

There Are Literally 5,000 Chefs Trending Daily On Social Media Platforms. How Do You Pick The Right Man/Woman For The Job. I'll Provide You With Some Tips On How To Pick The Best Chef For You.

I'll Give You Two Scenarios:

You Have An Upcoming Event That You Would Like Catered. You Want To Make Sure That The Person You Hire Is Compatible Of Taking On This Responsibility. Family Members Have Helped In The Past, But This Time You Want Everyone To Enjoy The Event. You Decide To Hire A Caterer/ Chef.

Next Scenario

You Want To Start Eating Healthy, But!!! You Don't Have Time To Cook And/Or Research Healthy Dishes. You Decide To Hire A Chef For Meal Prep.

How Do You Choose!?! Well....Here's Some Tips That Should Help:

Tip#1- Ask For References- Reach Out To Previous Customers That Have Worked With This Chef In The Past.

Tip#2- Talk About Prices- Make Sure You're Getting What You Paid For.

Tip#3- Check Their Social Media- 100K Followers Are Nice, But See What They Can Produce. Don't Let The Number Of Followers Deter You From Selecting Them.

Tip#4- Ask For A Tasting- Most Of The Time This Isn't A Free Service, But Arrange A Taste Testing To See If You Like Their Style Of Cooking.

Tip #5- Personality- Check Out Their Interactions On Social Media And Be Mindful Of Your Own. Is This A Person You Can Work With? Are They Listening To Your Wants And Concerns?

Tip #6- Sign A Contract!!!- No Contract NO BOOKING-

And Lastly...Trust Your Gut. If The Chef Is Giving You A Bad Vibe...Listen To Your Gut.

I Hope These Tips Help. I'll Eat With You Later. Peace

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