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I Caught The Subway

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Hey Foodies!!! Let‘s Get Right Into This One!!

If You Haven’t Heard Let Me Be The First To Tell You About This One.

The "Subway" Food Chain Was Sued Years Ago; Apparently Their Bread Contains Too Much Sugar Too Be Classified As “Real Bread”. Subway Lost That Lawsuit. Subway Was Sued Again, But This Time It Was The Length Of Their Footlong Subs That Got Them Into Trouble. The Lawsuit Stated That Their Footlong Subs Weren't Really A Footlong. Subway Won That Lawsuit.

A Study Done By “Oceana” Concluded That "1 In 5 Seafood Samples Are Mislabeled". 20 Percent Of The Fish You Order Worldwide Is Mislabeled. So What Does That Mean? That Means There Is A 1 in 5 Chance That When You Order Seafood At A Restaurant Its Not Actually The Seafood That You‘re Requesting.

Anywho...2 Women, Nilina And Karen Are Suing Subway Saying Their Tuna Isn’t Real Tuna. They’ve Made Their Claims However, No Actual Real Information Has Been Released.

”Inside Edition” However, Did Their Own Testing On Tuna Sandwiches From Subway And Actually Released Their Lab Test Results.Inside Edition Sent 3 Samples Of Subway Tuna To A Lab In Florida And Guess What Foodies...They Found That Subway Uses Real Tuna.

Foodies I Side With Subway On This One. For Now...

Ill Eat With You Later. Peace

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1 Comment

I used to enjoy subway, we had it on all military installations when I was serving. I cant say ive eaten much of it since. Im very picky about tuna and usually only eat on sandwiches if prepped at home.

My go to lately has been Jimmy John’s…probably not the healthiest choice but their italian is super delicious!

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