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Is It Only Worth The Bottle?

Hey Foodies! Let's Slip Right Into This One.

How Important Is Water To The Human Body? If You Need Me To Give You A Quick Run Down I Can Lol. I'm Not But!

One Of The Most Important Reasons Why Water Is Important (drumroll please)... Water Removes WASTE Through Urination.

Water Is Essential To Your Body Working/ Functioning Properly. 71% Of The World Is Covered In Water. So Needless To Say...Water Is Pretty Damn Important....If You Ask Me.

Over The Last Few Decades Bottled Water Has Been A Big Business. Bottled Water Brands Like Nestle Pure Life, Poland Spring, Dasani, Aquafina, Deer Park, Arrowhead, Core, Glaceau Smart Water, Life Wtr, Esssentia, Voss and Several Others Have Advertised Why Their Brand Is The Best And Most Trusted.

But Who Can We Trust In This Bottled Water Business? I Mean It Is Business Baby! What If, Some

Of The Bottled Water That We Spend Hundreds Of Dollars On Yearly Is Simply Tap Water In A Bottle? How Would You Feel About That? Betrayed? Well Let's Gather Some Facts...Because Facts Are Important In This Business.

Let's First Go Through The Types Of Water. There's Tap, Distilled, Mineral, Artesian Well, Aquifer, Naturally Sparkling, Spring and Purified Water.

According To The FDA's Water Types Are:

Artesian well water: The FDA defines this as bottled water that is collected from an underground aquifer. The water may come from rain or a ground source (like a river), it filters through layers of clay, porous rock, sand, and gravel. Sometimes ground above the aquifer pushes down on it, creating pressure, and making the water get to the surface using “artesian pressure.”

Mineral Water: This is a type of water that originates underground. The FDA says it must have at least 250 parts per million (ppm) of total dissolved solids (TDS). The solids will include elements and minerals that are naturally occurring and cannot be added during or before the bottling process. The minerals you’d find in mineral water like San Pellegrino include calcium, magnesium, sodium, chloride, and others.

Spring Water: This is water that, through natural means, comes to ground level. This water must be collected from the source of that spring or a drilled hole (a “tap” or “bore”) that gets to the spring source. The resulting water has to have the same composition as the water coming from the spring as if it flowed to the bottle naturally.

Well Water: This is water that was brought to the surface from an underground aquifer or similar source using a pump.

Purified Water: Water that has been treated in some way. This include municipal water.

Using The Link Below You Can Get A Better Idea Of Some Of The Water Brands That "Bottle Filtered Tap Water".

According To NRDC And A Few Other Sources, 25% Or More Bottled Water Is Really Tap Water In A Bottle. Some Bottled Water Is Filtered And Others........Ummmm Not At All.

Tell Me Your Thoughts. Until Next Time.

I'll Eat With You Later. Peace

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