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It’s Blue, But It’s New

Hey Foodies!!! This Article Is A Little Different So Just Bare With Me.

Let's Shake Right Into This One.

There’s So Much Going On Right Now In The Food Industry. There’s A Jump In The Cost Of Seafood (Previously Discussed), Frito- Lay Employees Are On Strike Due To Harsh Working Conditions And We’re Embarking On A Food Shortage.

I Know..I Just Said A Mouth Full.

Our Maryland Blue Crabs Are As High As Clouds And The Food Industry Is Just Running Rapid Right Now.

(In My Destiny‘s Child Voice) Please See “The Writing On The Wall“. I’ve Told You Time And Time Again, Stock Up On Your Dry Foods. We Don’t Know Specifically What Food Products Will Become Limited Next We Just Know That It Will Be A Next.

Why Do You Think The Cost Of Meat Has Increased? Resources Are Becoming Limited. Americans Eat More Meat Then We Can Produce. Inflation As A Means Of Deterrence.

And Then We Have Frito-Lay! If This Is New Info For You Then Let Me Be The First To Tell You...That Chip Company Should Be Ashamed Of The Way They Treat Their Employees. No Air Conditioning In The Summer, No Days Off, Excessive Work Hours..You Name It. Modern Day Slavery If You Ask Me. Some Employees Haven’t Received A Raise In Years And This Is A Billion Dollar Company.

Its A lot Going On In The Food Industry. I Tried To Give You A Quick Run Down. Be Mindful Of What You‘re Eating And The Quantity. Try To Prepare More Meals At Home, But Most Importantly Eat Healthy.

I’ll Eat With You Later. Peace ✌️

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