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No Thanksgiving Pounds Please

Hey Foodies!!! Let’s Dinner Roll Right Into This One.

We’re 17 Days Away From Thanksgiving. Does It Feel Like Thanksgiving Is Coming? Can You Smell The Neck Bones Slowly Cooking In The Greens? Well I Can Even If You Can't LOL.

Holidays Are The Best! No One Is Cooking Breakfast, Your First Meal Of The Day Is Thanksgiving Dinner.

But For Those Of Us Who Do Not Want To Pick Up One Additional Pound, This Maybe A Day We Aren't Looking Forward To. Well I Have Good News For You....I Have Some Tips That I Think Could Help You This And Every Holiday.

  1. Don’t Over Eat. You Don’t Have To Eat Everything On The Plate.

  2. Drink Plenty Of Water. You Maybe Thirsty And Not Hungry.

  3. Go For A Walk After Eating.

  4. Plan Your Meal. Have An Idea Of What You‘re Going To Eat And What You Need To Stay Away From.

  5. Watch Your Portion Size.

  6. Don’t Forget Your Veggies.

  7. Less Soda And Alcohol More Water.

  8. Use Small Plates. Sometimes We Feel Like We Have To Fill The Entire Plate. You Can Fill A Small Plate.

  9. Try To Know When To Stop. You Don’t Have To Go Back For Seconds And Thirds.

I Hope These Tips Help. Enjoy Your Time With Family And Friends.

Ill Eat With You Later. ✌️

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