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Operation Motivation

Updated: Jul 8, 2021

Hey Foodies!! Let’s Shake Right Into This One!

Have You Ever Said “I’ll Cook It Tomorrow”. However, Monday Turns Into Tuesday And Tuesday Turns Into Saturday. Sometimes We Simply Aren't Motivated To Complete The Task Or Any Task.

How Many Times Have You Thrown Out Food Because It Has Spoiled ...Because You Weren’t Motivated To Cook It?

Well Don’t Beat Yourself Up. It Happens To The Best Of Us.

I’m No Therapist, But We’ve All Lacked Motivated At Some Point In Our Life. The Key (In My Opinion) Is To Get To The Source Of Why You‘re Lacking Motivation And Do Something About It.

Cooking Can Be A Huge Stress Reliever. Whatever Maybe On Your Mind You Can Release It By Cooking A Savory Dish. You Can Also Use Cooking As A Way To Spend Time With Family And Friends. And Besides...Who Likes To Waste Money. We Can’t Keep Wasting Money On Food We Aren’t Cooking. Come On Now Foodies!!

So Do Not Let Those Chicken Wings Spoil! Get Up And Get Motivated To Cook.

I’ll Eat With You Later. Peace ✌️

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