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Pots And Pans

Hey Foodies!!! Lets Skip Right Into This One.

We All Love Cooking. We Love Adding Flavors To Our Favorite Dishes. The Kitchen Is Our Safe Haven. But Sometimes Our Favorite Dishes Don't Come Out As Planned. What Could Be The Problem? Spice? Temperature?

Could It Be The Pan We Used? Nooooooo. It Couldn’t Be!!

Well Foodies...Let Me Be The First To Tell You...All Pots And Pans Aren’t Created Equal. In My Opinion Good Cookware (Pots And Pans) Are The Most Important Items In The Kitchen.

One Of The Biggest Reasons Why Good Cookware Is Important:

Heat! The Benefit Of Good Cookware Is Heat. Heat Is Distributed Evenly When You Have Good Pots And Pans. Not So Good Cookware Typically Have What We Call "Hot Spots".....Meaning...The Pan Is Hotter In Some Areas Oppose To Others.

Good Cookware Is Usually Thick...Yes. They Typically Have a Little Weight On Them. Cheaper Pots And Pans Aren't Made With A Lot Of Love. The Handle May Fall Off In A Few Months And You May Find That You're Burning More Food Than You Would Like To.

Another Important Fact Is (And I Know This May Surprise You), But Your Food Will Turn Out A Lot Better When You Have Good Cookware. And Cleaning Your Cookware Will Become So Much Easier. Trust Me.

Cookware Sets Can Range From $20- $2000. Cooper Being The Best In My Opinion. So Yes It May Feel Like A "Steal" To Purchase A $30 , 20 Piece Cookware Set, But I Don't Think That Will Work Out For Too Long.

You Don't Have To Spend $500 On A Good Cookware Set, But Don't Cheat Yourself Either.

Got It. Got It.

I'll Eat With You Later. Peace.

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