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Recall The Recalls

Hey Foodies!! Let's Jump Right Into This One.

Every Week There Seems To Be A Different Food Item Being Removed From The Shelf. And You Know What's The Scary Part...Most Of The Time We Don't Know That Our Food Has Been Recalled Unless We Look.

You May Think This Is A New Trend. However, My Beloved Foodie I'm Here To Tell You That It Isn't. There Hasn't Been A Time In History That Items Weren't Taken Off The Shelf. We're In A Time Of Social Media And Google. Do You Know What That Means? You See It More. It's In Your Face! It's Trending! It Doesn't Take Much To Find Information. You Just Need To......Look

Let's Dig A Little Deeper Into These Recalls

First Lets Talk About Why A Product Is Recalled. A Product Could Be Recalled Because It's Defective, Mislabeled, Undeclared Allergen, Listing Ingredients Incorrectly or Contaminated. It's Important To Never Ignore A Recall.

What To Do With A Recalled Item? I Recommend Returning The Product To The Store Where You Purchased It For A Refund.

How Do You Always Stay In The Know?Just Simply Subscribe To The FDA Website And Receive Their Notifications OR Follow My Instagram Page LOL.

What Should You Do If You Ate A Recalled Food Item? If You Already Ate The Lettuce....Please Inform Your Primary Care Doctor. Watch For Symptoms, But Please Let Them Know.

We Could Look At Recalls Two Ways. 1. These Companies Cant Seem To Get It Right Or 2. There's Finally Systems In Place To Monitor The Food Industry More. I Prefer The Latter.

Either Way. Stay Informed. And I'll Eat With You Later. Peace.

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