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Relationship Crash

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

Hey Foodies, Let’s Walk Into This One. Slowly.

What’s Your Relationship With Food? Take A Break..Breathe. Is It Healthy? Are You Ok With It?

As A Lover Of Food, I Can’t Ignore The Fact That Most Of Us Have An Unhealthy Relationship With Food. It Feels Good. It Looks Good. For Most Of Us Its Our Safe Haven. I Want To Be Open And Honest.. Food Makes Us Feel Better. It’s An Attainable Solution To A Lot Of Problems.

Not Good Foodies... Not Good

However, You Know That Shat Ain’t Right!

So What Does A Healthy Relationship With Food Look Like? Eating Carrots All Day? A Cucumber Salad? Well Yes And No. We Should Definitely Eat Our Fruits And Veggies. Food Should Give Us Energy. If We’re Tired After Eating Then We’ve Ate Too Much. Knowing Our Limits And Stopping Before We’re Stuffed. Having Balance. Listening To Our Body When It Tells Us ”This Doesn’t Feel Right”. Talk To Your Physician About What Your Body Should Look Like At Your Age, Height And Weight.

In Addition, There’s Snacking!!! I’m Not A Lover Of Junk Food...I Dont Have The Appetite For Sugar, But I Don’t Knock The People That Do. There’s Natural Sugar In Fruit; That May Be An Option Instead Of A Starburst Lol. Know When To Stop Snacking And If You Can’t Do It On Your Own Its Nothing Wrong With Asking For Help.

I Hope This Helped A Bit. If You’re Eating Out Of Sadness, Boredom Or Comfort Just Think About The Change You Want To Make...And Start There. It Didn’t Take You One Day To Get In This Mess, It Will Take More Than A Day To Get You Out Of This. There‘s A Lot Of Free Resources Online. Start Today. Take Back Control Over Your Life And Diet.

Ill Eat You Later. Peace ✌️

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