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Stomach of Carbs

Hey My Foodies!!!! Foodies!!!!! Let’s Jump Right Into This One.

Carbs. OMG!! Just The Word Is Enough. Why!?! Why!!!!!! Why!!

I’m Currently On A Low Carb Diet And It Feels Like (Kids Please Leave The Room) Shat!! It Feels Like Shat!

Im Miserable. Finding Fulfilling Meals Has Been Stressful. I Don't Lie To You Guys. I Have A Different Perceptive On Why People Do Not Lose Weight. I Feel Like I’m Essentially Starving Myself.

So What Has The Been The Benefits, Because I’m Definitely Still On The Diet. I Quickly Noticed How Fast I Was Losing Belly Fat. I’ve Always Had A Small Belly.....That’s Where I Carry My Weight. No Shame Here!

I Gave You The Run Down On How I’ve Personally Been Feeling However, I Always Recommend Talking To Your Primary Care Doctor. My Results May Not Be Your Results. What Maybe In The Best Interest For Me May Not Be In The Best Interest For You.

So Let’s Run Down Health Benefits Of Reducing Your Carb Intake. 1. You Start Burning Fat 2. Assist With Losing Weight In Your Mid Section 3. Lessen The Risk Of Diabetes and 4. I'm Told You Have More Energy...But I'm Not Seeing That Part! LOL. Not At ALL!

Some Of The Risk Of A Low Carb Diet Is Constipation, Headache, Fatigue, Weakness and Muscle Pain. Low Carb Diets Are Also High In Unsaturated Fats.

My Recommendation Always Is To Do Your Research. I'm A Huge Rice Lover. I Don't Think I Will Ever Step Away From Rice. The Biggest Thing With Any Diet Is "Can You Keep It Up"? Diets Are Lifestyle Changes. I've Been Doing This Diet Off And On For A Few Weeks And I've Decided That This Isn't Something I Can Manage Long-term....So I Need To Find Something That I Can Manage.

Just Something To Think About. I'll Eat With You Later! Peace!

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