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Sugar And Spice

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

Hey Foodies!!! Let's Swirl Right Into This One. I Know, I Know, I Haven't Done A Post In A Month. I've Been Working On My Spice Line. Give Me A Break!! Okay! So Let's Get Into This! We Have A Lot Of Information To Cover.

I Can Never Half Do Anything, So When I Made The Decision To Create A Spice Line I Started Looking Into An Area Of Food That I Didn't Know Much About. And What I Found Out Was Game Changing.

I Picked Spices As My Area To Profit From Because I Can Combine Spices Well. I Knew Little About Spices Other Than Pick One, Try It Out, Mix This With That And Boom We Got A Bomb Ass Dish.

However, The Spice Industry Can Be Really "Shady". There's A Substance Called "Fillers" And Guess What.....It's Most Likely In Your Spices. What Are "Fillers"????? Glad You Asked. It's Just What It Sounds Like...It's An Odorless Substance That Many Spice Companies Use To Increase The Weight Of Their Product. You Could Purchase A Spice That Contains 40% Filler and 60% Of Actual Spices.

When I Started Blending My Spices I Quickly Said To Myself "Girl!! This Math Isn't Mathing". There Is No Way You Can Sell A Spice For $2.00 And Use Real Ingredients And Make A Profit. Unless....You're Using A "Filler". Oh And "Fillers" Are FDA Approved.

So What Is The Solution In My Opinion To This Crazy Shat! Because You Know It's Crazy Right? Try To Buy Privately Owned. And Stop Crying About Their Prices. They're Giving You The Real Deal. And Check The Ingredients. If You're Not Familiar With An Ingredient...Look It Up. This Is Your Health And Your Body.

To Pay Full Price For An Item That Is 50% OR MORE Made Up Of Fillers Is Insanity In My Opinion. Some "Fillers" Can Become Harmful With Side Effects If Over Exposed. And Did I Mention That "Fillers" Are FDA Approved.

The List Of "Fillers" Are Too Long To List...Seriously. But If You're Interested In Learning More About "Fillers" Please Do A Quick Google Search . Some Benefits Of Fillers Are They Provide A Longer Shelf Life And It Stops Your Spices From Clumping (Depending On The Filler). "Maltodextrin" Is A Common "Filler".

I Opted Out Of Using Fillers In My Spices. You May Not Like The Price, That Just Means You Aren't My Customer. And That's Okay. You Can Still Read My Articles!

Please check out For A List Of Some Common "Additives For Products That Contain The Ingredient Spice Extract".

I Hope This Helps You Change The Way You Look At The Spice Industry.

I'll Eat With You Later. Peace

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