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Waste Not, Want Not

Updated: May 27, 2021

Hey Foodies!!! Let’s Roll Right Into This One!

We’ve All Heard The Saying ”Waste Not, Want Not”. I Know You Know That I Know That You Know Exactly What That Means. Soooo Now Lets Move On. Capiche!

One Thing We Can All Anticipate Doing Is Throwing Food In The Waste Basket Throughout The Week. Sometimes It Hasn't Been Cooked! Hasn't Been Touched!! Now You Know You're Wrong. Right? How Do We Change That?? Well It Starts At The Grocery Store. Yeah! It Starts There!

You Have 2 Options When Shopping...Buy What You Need Or Buy What You Want And Freeze It. I’ve Found When I Only Cook What I’m Going To Eat That Day, I Waste Less Food. I’ve Invested In Freezer Bags And I Freeze What I’m Not Prepared To Cook At That Moment.

Another Trick Is To Buy Food In A Looser Form When Possible. You Can Buy Loose Rice, Beans, Fresh Veggies And So Much More. And Let Me Touch On What I Mean By Loose. I Like To Buy 2lb Bags Of Rice Because I Can Cook However Many Servings I Prefer. Same Thing With Dry Beans, Cook What You Want Save The Rest. PS: And It's Healthier.

I'm Not Big On Freezing Food After It Has Been Cooked, But That Is An Option For Many Foodies. Another Trick For Those Who Purchase A Lot Of Fresh Fruits And Veggies....Cook The Food That Will Spoil Soon First. Example...Cabbage, Carrots and Celery Essentially Last Forever (Not Forever), But Longer Than Most Veggies. Think About If You're Storing Your Food Correctly (Go Back To My Previous Article "You Can't Sit With Us). I Hope This Information Helps You To Be A Little Bit More Mindful Of How Much Food You're Wasting. There Is A National Food Storage, So Let's Save When And Where We Can Foodies.

I'll Eat With You Later. Peace!

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