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Weight Of The Pandemic

Updated: May 27, 2021

Hey Foodies!!! Let‘s Skip Right Into This One.

I Recently Did An Interview With A Chef And We Discussed How To Lose Weight During The Pandemic. Ps.... Please Check Out Chef Sophia’s Interview.

Before We Discuss How To Lose The Weight Let’s Talk About How We Got Here.

Most Of Us Pre-Pandemic Walked In And Out Of A Business Establishment, Walked Around A Bit At Work, Had To Move Around To Get Ready For Work.. You Get My Point. Now We‘re Having Zoom Meetings In Our Pjs With The Camera Off. Snacking More Than Ever. Not As Active. Online Shopping For Everything, Including Toilet Paper. You Know I’m Telling The Truth. Some Of Us Have Really Just Loss Motivation To Do Anything Other Than The Bare Minimum. My Grandfather Use To Say “Laziness Will Kill You”. I’m Still Working On What That Truly Means.

So How Do We Get Ourselves Out Of This Pickle Jar? Well The First Step In Solving Any Problem Is To Acknowledge There Is A Problem. Next, Talk To Your Health Care Provider To Determine What Options Would Work Best For You. Maybe Squeezing In 10 Minutes of Fitness 3 Times A Week Would Help. Maybe Cutting Back On Sugar And Snacks. Just Start With Something.

Food Can Be So Comforting For Many Of Us. But Too Much Comfortability Can Cause Some Serious Issues In The Future. If You Don’t Like Something And You Have The Power To Change It, Then Change it. If You Aren’t Motivated Then Look For A Support Group. I Want All Of My Foodies To Enjoy Food In The Most Healthiest Way Possible. So Let’s Make Today The First Day That We Try To Drop Some Of This Pandemic Weight.

Ill Eat With You Later. Peace

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