"Today Is The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life" - My Mother (KDB)

Hey Foodies, I'm Often Asked Why Do I Do This? What Is My Background And How Did I Start "Blogging And Frogging?" I Have Serious Food Allergies And At One Point I Thought Food Was Going To Be The Death Of Me. I Have A Daughter That Motivates Me To Accomplish All Of My Dreams. I've Always Loved Writing And Food...1+1 Equals Food Blog. I Love To Converse With People About Food, It Doesn't Matter How Much You Do Or Don't Know About Food, I'm Down For A Good Food Conversation. I've Turned My Hobby Of Cooking Into A Food Blog And Spice Business. I Aspire To Create  A Platform For All Chefs To Sit And Discuss Food. Please Check Out My Spice Blends, You Won't Be Disappointed.  Oh And To Answer The Why..Because I'm A True Lover Of Food.