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All Diets Created Equal

Hey Foodies, This Topic Has Been On My Mind For Quite Sometime And I Just Can't Shake The Need To Address This. Let's Jump Right Into This One.

It Is My Belief That Not Only Are All People Created Equal, But Their Respectful Diet Decision Also.

There Are Several Types Of Diets.....I'll List A Few:

Veganism, Mediterranean, Vegetarianism, Intermittent, Keto, Paleo, Low- Carbohydrate, Lacto, Gluten-Free, Pescatarian, Raw, South Beach, Dash, Dukan, Alkaline, High Protein, Low Sodium, Macrobiotic And A Million More.

What May Work For You May Not Work For Me. What May Make You Feel Energized And Healthy Doesn't Necessarily Make Me Feel That Way. What You Found To Be Most Effective For You May Not Give Me The Same Results. Got It?

I Recently Tried A No Carb Diet And It Was Unmanageable. In Order For Your Diet To Be Effective, It Has To Be Manageable. Can You Actually Work This Diet? Your Diet Should Be A Lifestyle Change That Is Sustainable (If You Have Health Issues!! Please Eat What The Doctor Recommends).

Does This Mean I'm Less "Woke" Because I Roast My Chicken In Duck Fat? Does It Mean That I Will Not Live The Most Fulfilling Life Because I Like My Steak Seasoned With Peppercorns. Why Do Some Criticize Others For Their Diet Decision? Why Do You Feel The Need To Control And Judge What Others Put In Their Mouth? I Can Not Live My Life Without Rice And Potatoes, So A No Carb Diet Isnt Ideal. I Was Unhappy And Stressed Out Everyday...Over Carbs. Absolutely Not A Good Decision For ME.

Ive Tried Several Diets In The Past And What I Found That Worked For Me Was The Pescatarian Diet. I'm Open With You Guys About My Stomach Issues And The Pescatarian Diet Worked For Me. I Tried Vegan And Vegetarian Diets And I was Always Hungry And Never Satisfied. Being A True Foodie Is The Love And Respect You Have For The Food Culture. Not Just The Food You Eat.

There's Healthy And Unhealthy People In Every Diet And Every Size.

I'll Eat With You Later. Peace.

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