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Updated Post : What The Baby Formula!!!

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Updated Post:

Hi Foodies!! Our Friends At Customer Notice Asked Me To Share Some Additional Resources.

Tell Me Your Thoughts! Did You Find The Links Useful?

Hey Foodies!! Let's Cry Right Into This One.

This Article Will Be A Little Different. It Will Be A Quick Run Down On What The Heck Is Going On

Right Now In The Baby Formula Industry.

Those Of You That See My Social Media Post Know That We Have A New Addition To The Family!! Yay!! I Have A 2 Month Old Niece, We Will Call Her "Columbo" For Right Now :) She Looks Just Like Columbo I Swear. Everyday It Feels Like My Sister Is Fussing About The Formula Shortage And How Milk Is Extremely Hard To Find At The Moment. So Lets Dive Into What' s Going On.

Why Is There A Baby Formula Shortage?

A Major Formula Plant Closed In February annnnnnd

There Are Only 3 Companies That Control The Milk Industry.

Why Was The Formula Plant Shut Down?

Four Little People Drank Formula From This Plant And Became Ill.

How Much Formula Is Currently Out Of Stock?

Around 40% Of Baby Formula Is Currently Out Of Stock.

How Long Will The Shortage Last?

The Formula Shortage Is Expected To Last Until The End Of 2022.

What Are Stores Doing To Help The Customers?

Most Stores Put Limits On How Much A Consumer Can Buy At One Time.

Has The Cost Of Formula Increased?

Unfortunately, Yes. The Price Of Formula Went Up 18%.

What Should I Do In The Event I'm Running Low On Formula And Can't Find Any?

First, Call Your Child's Primary Care Doctor! They May Have Some In Stock Or May Know Of Places That Have Formula In Stock.

Please Be Safe Foodies. And Baby Foodies. This Too Shall Pass. Please DM With Any Questions. Until Next Time...

I'll Eat With You Later. Peace

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