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The Unhealthy Vegan

Hey Foodies!!! Let's Jump Right Into This One!

Veganism. Hold On (Quick Google Search)

Is That A Real Word?

Okay I'm Back.

It's A Real Word.

Per My Quick Google Search..."Veganism Is the Practice Of Abstaining From The Use Of Animal Product- Particularly In Diet- And An Associated Philosophy That Rejects The Commodity Status Of Animals".

Woo. Okay. I Think Vegans Don't Eat Meat, Not 100% Sure, But I Think. LOL

So Why Are There So Many Unhealthy Vegans? Using The Definition I Just Provided One Would Assume A 3 Meal Veggie Eater Shouldn't Be Unhealthy.

But Some Vegans Are. Let's Dive Into How.... (Jokes Stop Here Foodies)

....... (Inserts Month Break)

It Took Me A Month Or So To Figure Out My "Angle" With This Article Without Offending My Fellow Foodies.... Well I'm Back.. And I'm Ready

Let's Get To It

I Think We Should First Start With Removing The Idea And Concept That Weight And Diet Equals Health. It DOESN'T

So The "Heavier Coworker" That Sits Next To You At Work, Might Actually Be Healthier Than You...

Let's Dive Into The Vegan Diet, Some In Which Is Problematic For Me.

Pasta, Grains, Lentils, Beans...It's All Great, But Why There So Many Unhealthy Vegans. First Lets Mention That A Lot Of Their Frozen Vegan Products Contain A Massive Amount Of Soy Which Has Been Long Debated As A Cause Of Infertility In Women.

Next, A Lot Of Vegans Consume A Lot Of Unnecessary Carbs. Most "New Vegans" Eat A Lot Of Pasta, Rice And Potatoes To Feel "Full".

But I Think This Is The Best Time For Me To Give My Opinion On Food. The Purpose Of Food Isn't To Make Us Feel "Full" And "Sluggish". The Purpose Of Food Is To Give Us Energy.

Ask Yourself...Do I Feel Sluggish Or Tired After Eating?

Let Me Do A Quick Insert Because I Hear Gossip In The Halls...My Daughter Doesn't Eat Meat (No Vegan Bashing Here). However, This Is An Area That A Lot Of Vegans Are Uncomfortable With Discussing, But We Can Not Progress If We Live In Ignorance.

I Found A Few Options That I Love For My Little Person Who Is A Big Time Carb Lover. The Options List Below Are Vegan Friendly And Low In Carbs:

  • Shirataki Noodle (my favorite)

  • Slim Rice (2nd favorite)

  • Temph (high in protein and fat)

  • Pumpkin & Chia Seeds

  • Nuts

  • Zucchini Noodles

  • Tofu

  • Peppers

  • Baby Lettuce

  • Mushrooms

  • Spinach

And The List Goes On And On. Looking At A Keto Diet Is Also A Great Way To Add Variety To Your Vegan Diet.

So This Post In A Nutshell! "Clean Eating" Can Be Great. The Benefits Are Endless. But Let's Erase The Idea That No Meat Equals No Health Worries Because That Could Be Far From The Truth.

I Think The Vegan Population That Shies Away From The Prepackaged Frozen Meals And Excessive Amounts Of Carbs Are In A Better Position. However, Anything In Moderation Is Okay. Well Not Everything LOL, But You Get The Point.

I'll Eat With You Later. Peace

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