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Eat Your Vegetables

Hey Foodies!!!! I’ve Literally Missed Our Chats. Let’s Hop Right Into This One.

I Haven’t Purchased Spinach Since ”The Cow Jumped Over The Moon.” However, I‘m An Extreme Lover Of Spinach; So What Broke Up Our Relationship??? I’ll Give You A Hint...She’s 9 Years Old And She Calls Me “Ma”. My Daughter Hates Spinach, So I Simply Don’t Cook It. In Addition, To Not Liking Spinach She Has Periods Where She Won’t Eat Meat. She Will Eat Any Other Vegetable, But Not Spinach. You Can Try To Hide It In Her Meal, But She Will Find It.

So Where Are You Going With This You May Ask????

We All Have That One Fruit Or Veggie That Just Doesn‘t Sit Right With Us...And That’s Fine,But Some Of Us Have Totally Sworn Off Vegetables. We Should Try To Include a Vegetable In 2 Out Of 3 Meals We Eat Per Day. Food Is Suppose To Give Us Energy, Not Drain Us Or MAKE US SLEEPY. Find A Veggie Or Explore New Vegetables (Rainbow Chard Was My New Vegetable This Year) And Include It In Your Meals Or Eat It As A Meal.

Now What About The Picky Eater?? You Can Make Eating Vegetables Fun. You Can Provide Dipping Sauce For Veggies Like Carrots, Celery and Cucumbers. You Can Cut Them Into Funny Shapes. You Can Also Mix Your Veggies in With Another Side Dish.

You Get One Body. Let’s Feed Your Body With Things That Make It Look And Feel Good.

Ill Eat With You Later. ✌️

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