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Fast Or Slow???

Hey Foodies!!! Let’s Skate Right Into This One.

Kitchen Gadgets!!! Kitchen Freaking Gadgets!!

So Many To Choose From. So Little Time. So I’m Here To Walk You Through This. Give Me Your Hand...Nevermind, It’s Wet LOL

Years Ago Slow Cooker Were A Big Deal. And To Be Honest They Really Do Serve A Great Purpose. Your Meat Or Veggies Are Always Tender. You Can Throw Your Meal In The Slow Cooker And Complete Another Task. There’s A Timer On It, So It Will Shut Off With No Assistance From You. Sounds Like A Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Today Air Fryers Are Popular, Mainly Because They Cook Your Food Quickly. You Can Essentially Fry Chicken With No Grease. Most Dishes Come Out Tender. And Did I Mention It’s Quick. You’re Cutting Your Cooking Time In Half And Guess What???You Didn't Make 50 Dirty Dishes!

I Could Go On For Hours About Why These Gadgets Are Worth Looking Into. However, I’m A Traditional Pots And Pans Girl. I Own An Air Fryer, I’m Looking Into Purchasing Another Slow Cooker. As Much As I Love Technology And How It Simplifies Life, I Like To Look At My Food On The Stove. We Now Live In A World Where Everything Must Be Done In A Hurry. I Say Take The Time Today And Cut Your Veggies Instead Of Purchasing Them Already Diced. Cook Your Food In Your Oven Tonight Instead Of Throwing Everything In The Air Fryer. Enjoy The Actual Process Of Cooking. In It's Entirety.

I Love You Foodies!! I'll Eat With You Later. Peace

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