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I Dont Think This Relationship Will Work

Updated: May 27, 2021

Hey My Fellow "Foodies"!! Let's Spin Right Into This One.

We've All Experienced It. Hell. Even Kids Have Went Through It. What Do We Do When We Order A Dish And It Isn't Hitting Any Of Those Notes That We Wanted So Desperately To Sing? If We're At A Restaurant Do We Send The Dish Back? If We're At A Friend's House Do We Just Suck It Up And Eat It? (Insert Screams) What Do We Do!?! Let's Start With The Saying "Know When To Hold And When To Fold". If We're At A Restaurant And It's Jammed Packed. You Cut Into Your Dish And You Notice Or Taste Something That Isn't To Your Liking. The Likelihood Of Your Dish Coming Out Better The Second Time Is 50/50. If You Ask For A Medium Rare Steak And It Comes Out Well Done, You Send It Back And It Still Isn't Cooked Correctly Then Let's Give It Up. The Cook Is Having A Bad Day And Just Like All Of Us, We Have Bad Days. No Harsh Penalties Please!! I Would Never Tell You To Not Voice Your Opinion Regarding Your Food Service, Especially If You're Paying For It. We Don't Know We're Doing A Not So Good Job If No One Complains. Sometimes The Biggest Stance You Can Take Towards Bad Service And Bad Food Is To Simply Not Return. I Have To Admit Sometimes I'm Stuck In The Middle...Do I Let You Know That This Dish Isn't Meeting My Expectations, It's Not What You Advertised...Or Do I Simply Say In My Head "You Will Never See Me Again"!! The Issue I've Always Had With Restaurants Is That I Know Food!! I Can See When My Food Is Overcooked. I Can Taste Every Step The Cook Made In Preparation Of My Food. I Can Taste The Spices And Sometimes The Char From The Grill. Which At Times Can Cause A Conflict. Foodies!! You Know What I'm Talking About! We Know When They've Dropped Fresh Fries Vs Reheated Ones. So Do We Complain? Do We Call Them Out On Their Shat!! Now Let's Talk About That Friend That Always Wants To Cook But Can't Cook. Do We Tell Miss Sally Walker That She Needs To Walk Her Butt Out The Kitchen Or Do We Say "Listen Lets Watch Some Bobby Flay Together With A Pen And Notepad"?? I Would Say Depending On The Friend's Sensitivity Level And Your Personal Relationship You Should Proceed with Caution. No One Likes To Hear That They Aren't Doing A Good Job. Sometimes That Level Of Truth Damages Or Strengthens Relationships. I Recommend Saying Something Like "Let's Make This Dish Together" Or "Let's Look Over The Recipe Together So We Don't Make Any Mistakes". Or Going To A Restaurant That Makes The Dish So He or She Has Something To Compare Their Dish To. There Is A Show Called "Worst Cooks Of America"...They Could Get Better And If They're Truly Your Friend. Have Patience. Have Faith. I Say All Of That To Say This...Know When To Keep It Cute And When To Keep It On Mute. Sometimes Making A Silent Decision In Your Head Is All The Recipe Called For. I'll Eat With You Later. Peace

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JT Coin Rings
JT Coin Rings
18. Apr. 2021

Good point! Cooking together could strengthen the friend or even significant others skill. Showing the way by demonstrating is the key.. thanks for the article.

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