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Put A Fork In It! Let's Set The Table

Hey Foodies, Let's Spin Kick Right Into This One!!!

We've All Been To A Restaurant That Has Provided Us With More Than Enough Forks....Sometimes It's A Bit Overwhelming! In Your Mind You Maybe Thinking "I Only Eat With One Fork At Home And I Get The Job Done".

But..... Is It A Method To This Madness!!

Have You Ever Really Got Down To The Bottom Of Why You're Offered So Many Gosh Darn Forks!!! Well We're Going To Tap Into It! NOW!!!

On The Left Of Your Plate Your Forks Are Salad, Dinner and Fish(Right To Left). Your Forks Typically Follow The Order Of Your Dining Experience. Keep That In Mine. Don't Get Overwhelmed. It's Only Forks Foodies!

You May Have An Additional Fork In Front Of Your Plate....Most Likely It Is Your Dessert Fork Which Should Accompany A Dessert Spoon.

To The Right Of Your Plate Your May Have 2 Knives And A Spoon. The First Knife Is Your Dinner Knife Followed By Your Fish Knife And Soup Spoon.

You May Occasionally See A Really Small Plate In Front Of You "Big Plate"...That Would Be Your Bread Plate.

So What Have We Learned Today! A Lot Right???

I'll Eat With You Later. Peace Foodies!

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