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Why So Long Sugar Plum

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

Hey Foodies!!! Let’s Bounce And Flip Right Into This One.

We’ve All Experienced It. Sometimes More Often Then We Would Prefer To Mention.

Restaurant Wait Time!!!

How Many Times Have We Went To A Restaurant And Were Told The Wait Will Be 30/45 Minutes And There Wasn‘t A Soul In The Restaurant.

How Many Times Have We Said “What Are They Doing Back There”?

Well Believe It Or Not Most Of The Time Our Food Service Workers Aren‘t Just Standing Around; They’re Working And Sometimes Understaffed.

You May Say “Chanel That’s Not My Business/ That’s Not My Concern”, But In Reality It Is Our Concern. Sometimes We Yell And Become Irate Because We’re Ready To Leave Or Feel An Overwhelming About Of Frustration. We Are Ready To Eat!!! And This Is A Big Inconvenience! Damn It (Knocks Cup Off The Table) 😂

I Would Like For You To Consider A Few Things When Visiting Your Local Restaurant:

1.Time Of Day- Are You Going At Lunch Time?

2.Reputation- Are You Going Somewhere That Is Known To Have A Long Wait Time (You Should Be Expecting This)

3.Reservations- Did You Let Them Know You Were Coming? 4.Quality Of Food- Is It Worth The Wait?

5.Don‘t Assume- Don‘t Assume That Because Someone Is Standing Around They Can Service You. They May Not Be On The Clock Or Trained To Perform That Task.

6. Understaffed- Is There Enough People Working. It’s Not The Employees Fault. Voice Your Complaints To The Person That Can Make A Difference.

I Say All That To Say This -

We All Have To Live On This Planet Earth. Be Kind.

Ill Eat With You Later. Peace ✌️

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